A downloadable ecosystem

My creatures - 
Octopi - the large grey spheres, will meander along, moving randomly and slolwy, until they suddenly let out a burst of movement in a random direct.
Will react to the player comes too close, bursting away from them
Woll o' Wisps - the glowing pink spheres, are curiously and whimsicle, moving around quickly and at random, until the player comes close, at which
point they will fly over and investigate. If the player gets too far away from their area though, they will give up the chase, moving back to 
their zone. Will always stay in their own areas, and will avoid bunching up.
Worms - the tall green cylanders, each has it's own peice of the terrain in which it hides. Will occasionally pop it's head up to look around,
but will always hide from the player, burying itself if they get too close.
Chris's creatures
Basic Fish - the black spheres, the fish simply wander around at random
School of fish - the red spheres represent a school of fish, all following the main leader fish, the largest in the school
Urchin - the grey spheres connected by lines, the urchin wanders the see floor, it's spines waving around so as to protect itself


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